ASE Certification Demonstrates Mechanics’ Proficiency

Art’s Automotive Service Center, a Maryland State inspection station situated in Sunderland, offers a wide array of automotive products and services backed by brands such as Goodyear and Michelin. Additionally, the manager of the Sunderland-based Art’s Automotive Service Center holds ASE certification, which takes the shop’s caliber of service to another level.

Short for “automotive service excellence,” ASE certification testifies to a technician’s level of skill and service. The National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence is the entity that grants ASE certification, and this occurs only after a technician completes a series of rigorous tests. Any technician who passes the tests demonstrates a superior level of knowledge and experience.

Approximately 150,000 mechanics take ASE tests each year. Rather than put all technicians on precisely equal footing, ASE tests range over several areas. A technician need only complete one exam to earn ASE certification, and that accomplishment designates the technician as an expert in that area rather than the entire spectrum of automotive repair. Some of those areas include automatic transmission, brakes, heating and air conditioning, engine performance, and suspension and steering.

ASE certification does not last indefinitely. Technicians must renew certification every five years.

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